Swimming in Saddam Hussein's Pool

Ahhh... Where Freedom Rests...  This meme has been floating around interwebz lately. It was a place I had nearly forgotten about. But, I was there once. 
It was 2004 and the insurgency in Iraq was in full swing. The Military Police unit that I was in was spread thin and spread out all over the Baghdad area, which means our trucks were on the road constantly. Since ambushing convoys with IED's, grenades, and occasionally small-arms fire was the insurgencies favorite tactic - it means my shop stayed extra busy and worked around the clock to keep our guys and gals on the road. 

So much going on these days....

Hey, all.

I haven't posted much - not that I ever do. In fact, I have so much going on with finals right now, I shouldn't even be spending time writing this. But, that's just the way I am.  I've been going to school full-time for the last year and it's been a real doozy. I haven't worked in almost a year, which is really strange. But, it's allowed me to focus on my studies and spend more time with my family.

I had to change schools halfway through the year - which sucked - because the first school I picked lost its accrediting agency. I shopped around at local schools and applied at a few and got accepted to Washington State University. Unfortunately, it didn't feel like the right place for me. So yeah, after some soul searching I trying to figure out which school to go to I decided to pursue my first love - communication and the arts.

That brought me to checking out and eventually enrolling in the Bachelor of Arts in Communications and Media Technology…

Criminal's Among Us

You’re a good person, aren’t you?  Of course, you are. You are well mannered and polite, would never hurt anyone else intentionally, and would only strike out in an attempt to protect those you love.  I’m willing to be bet most people are this way. So why do we have such restrictive laws? If someone can’t make the right moral decisions in-line with societal norms, will a law that says that they aren’t allowed to do certain things really going to prevent them from lashing out or staying within the limits of that law? Do "gun-free zones" really keep those that wish to do harm out of those areas? No. But, they will get the person in trouble who carries a firearm for their own protection. There was a recent robbery and shooting in a San Antonio, Texas mall (a gun free zone), that ended with two deaths and multiple injuries. A good samaritan who was legally carrying concealed shot and killed one of the robbery suspects. That good samaritan could now face charges of his own.

The …

Trust. How much do you give your kids?

When is it cool, to be a cool parent? Or what's a cool parent? When I was a kid, the cool parent was the one who let you go out and party, or even party at home with your friends. My mom was one of those. Yep, I had a "cool" mom - well she's still cool, but don't tell her I said that.

I thought it was great at the time and I was the envy of all my friends - they all knew they could drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes - and eventually smoke pot or do other things at my house. It was a hippy haven. Sex, drugs, and rock and roll. It seemed great at the time, but eventually, it led me to places I shouldn't have been.

Luckily for me, my ambitions of joining the Army after high school was enough to motivate me from straying too far down those paths. Many of my friends from high school weren't so lucky and struggled with drugs and homelessness for many years. I still have one friend in particular that still struggles even 20 years after high school.

I now use those…

Election 2016 - It's finally over.

What a crazy election!It's been long and grueling process starting with the primaries last year and ending with an incredible upset last night. Who would have thought that Donald Trump, aka Cheeto Jesus, could have pulled off the stunning upset that he did?Almost nobody, apparently - to include me. So congratulations to President-elect, Donald Trump. It was almost comical watching news pundits try to explain what had happened, and how or why the polls were so wrong. The surprise was no different online. There were a variety of emotions displayed by my friends on social media throughout the night and this morning. Many of my friends support Trump, many also supported Clinton, and much like me quite a few others supported 3rd party candidates. Personally, I just couldn't stomach the thought of placing my vote for either Clinton or Trump. Anyways, many of my friends were in shock and disbelief that their candidate didn't fair better. Some were physically upset and extremely a…

Travesty of American Justice - FBI Recommends No Indictment of Hillary Clinton

On a quick personal note, before we get started, this last week has me absolutely disgusted at our judicial system (at least at the federal level). And before you jump down my throat and call me some Hillary hating right-wing, gun-toting, conservative Trump supporter, know this: I'm no Trump-humper either, and I voted for Obama - twice - and Bush before him. I'm not chained to any one party and like to keep an open and unbiased mind when it comes to politics; otherwise, we become blinded and disillusioned by party dogma and ideals. Come November, we as American's will have some very important decisions to make. Now let's get into recent events. It is becoming plainly obvious that many are blissfully unaware or just indifferent to the fact that on both sides of the aisle corruption and coercion are big factors in how big government is run. Many just blindly follow their party and support their candidates regardless of any evidence of wrongdoing. As most of you all know,…

When It All Falls Apart

In my last Post, I mentioned that my back (among many things) hurt constantly. Well, my boss noticed that I was miserable and after we had a long talk, came to the conclusion that after 6 months that the job was not a good fit for me. I guess I just wasn't made for 60 hour weeks. He started looking for my replacement and in two weeks my replacement started. Luckily enough I was able to talk my way into staying on for a few extra weeks after that to make sure the hand-off went smoothly and there were no loose ends.

The timing with the job loss was horrible. It came right after we had put an offer in on house a few weeks prior to that and were looking to close in the following weeks. It wasn't just any regular old house either. It was a turn of the century house and required a rehab loan of sorts, so there was an extraordinary amount of hoops we had to jump through. We had nearly made it through the entire process. We were so close.

Instead of playing coy and going through with …