State of the Theater

The current shutdown (if you want to call it that), is not much more than over dramatized political theater full of childish finger pointing. Only the most visible functions are being affected, other than the furloughs of course. That was just to put a human face on it. We see on the news government officials fencing off national parks and open air monuments (which probably costs more to keep secure), and  government websites (e.g. being shut down or having warnings of limited functionality.

Each side of aisle blames the other and neither side refuses to budge. Although, even with the shutdown, an amazing 85% of government still functions! Can you believe that? That sounds more like budget cuts, rather than a shutdown, but who am I to judge? I think everyone could have been kept on the job, if they would have instituted a spending freeze instead by cutting back on office supplies, cancelling business trips, and turning of utilities to areas that aren't in use. Maybe I’m wrong, I don’t know. The point of the matter is our elected officials are making this much ado about nothing (in the grand scheme of things), and is nothing more than a game of political chess that continues divide this country. 

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