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NY Times OpEd: Veterans and White Supremacy

You may have recently read the OpEd in the NY Times, Veterans and White Supremacy. I encourage those of you who are current service members and veterans to write a letter to the editor as well and let them know about all of the good things that veterans do for our country. I wrote the following:

To Whom it May Concern:

The recent Oped published in the New York Times titled, "Veterans and White Supremacy" by Kathleen Belew, was an extreme, not to mention obscene over-generalization that stereotyped our veteran population. Military service does not in any way make veterans more predisposed to engage in racist or terrorist activities. 
I'm sure that most can agree that the seeds of racism and hate are normally planted way before any military service ever begins. I say normally because as with anything, there are always exceptions. But to say that military service in any way creates terrorists or extremists, is outright absurd. We as a society must understand that the individua…