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Memorial Day... NOT VETERANS DAY!

Let us remember what this holiday is about. As a veteran it is my duty to do so. This may sound harsh, but this holiday IS NOT about honoring veterans and service members. That, my friends is for Veterans Day. National and local news media outlets and even government agencies don't even get this right. Believe me, I've spent the better part of the day correcting them. On this holiday, we remember those that died during their selfless service to our country. 

As a veteran the "thanks for your service" sentiment is nice, don't get me wrong, but instead of telling me that I'd rather you go to your local veterans cemetery tomorrow, take a moment and give thanks to those who gave everything. And please, take the time to correct those that don't know the difference in the two holidays. Even if it means sharing this post.

FLASHBACK: CH-47 Crash Claims the Lives of 10

On May 5th 2006, 10 Soldiers from the 10th Mountain Division were killed when the CH-47 Chinook they were riding in crashed in the mountains near Abad, Afghanistan. LTC Joe Fenty was one of those men. 

LTC Fenty was a remarkable leader who made a huge impression on me the very first time I met him. Now, anyone who's ever been associated with the military right now, is probably thinking good or bad of course he made an impression on you, he was your commander. Well let me give you a little back story as to why my statement couldn't be more true.

"Climb to Glory" 

In July 2005, barely 5 months after my discharge from the Army, I found myself continuing to have difficulty (to say the least)  reintegrating back into the the civilian world. I had just remarried after finalizing a divorce 6 months earlier (hindsight's a MF, I know). I couldn't hold on to a job and I couldn't pay my bills. My new wife was also pregnant with "our" first child. There were a…