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My 9/11

It was September 11, 2001; a day that started out much like any other, but would change our lives forever... At the time I was a newly promoted sergeant in the US Army, stationed at Fort Lewis, WA with the 571st Military Police Company. I was assigned as their senior mechanic. Being a mechanic wasn’t my first choice of jobs in the Army (I wanted to be Cavalry), but being one allowed me to be close to home so I could help my mom out with my baby sister. Anyways, I had only been promoted a few months prior to that so as they say my stripes were still wet. Up to that point my career had only consisted of some rotations to Yakima Training Center, a string of Logistic Rodeo wins,  and one 2 ½ month deployment to support a multinational training exercise in Egypt (Operation Bright Star). I enjoyed what I did immensely and was good at it. In fact I had even reenlisted the year prior for another four years.
Well, on that fateful morning in September a few of us had reported in a little earli…