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Is it to late to go back?

Does anyone else feel less than adequate in their employment since leaving the service? Or that something is amiss and completely unsatisfying? For me it's due to a number of reasons. 
For starters I've noticed that I'm WAY behind my peers when it comes to education and certifications, but I excel more than anyone when it comes management and supervisory tasks. Surprise, Surprise. Unfortunately, being a good leader doesn't always qualify you for leadership positions, pay raises, and upward mobility. And that my friend, really sucks. Years of experience and insane amounts of responsibility amount to nothing on the outside. 
The military work environment and systems parallel their civilian counterparts in a lot of ways, but are still nothing alike. For one, there's one thing in the civilian world that really drives and motivates business and that of course is money. Not to say that money doesn't play a factor in military operations, as it most certainly does. The…

The Whole30 Experiment - Continued...

So in my last Whole30 article I covered the first five days of the diet... What a nightmare that crap was! For those of you going through it now, it does get easier - so suck it up, buttercup.

I ended up taking notes on my phone during the last few weeks. Here it is unedited:

Day 6 - woke up hungry. I noticed when I get hungry, I get really hungry and people better watch out! Went out to eat at Olive Garden....pure torture.
Day 7 - Felt like a pretty normal day. Was motivated and had lots of energy. Replaced drywall and a toilet in the bathroom.
Day 8 - More or less the same as yesterday. Irregular heartbeat most of the day kept me pretty exhausted and unfocused. ... Was really craving a Frappocino from Starbucks on the way home from work.
Day 9 - Just another day. My cooking skills are coming along and am discovering and rediscovering new ingredients every day. This program can turn anyone into a chef... One broke chef. 
Day 10 And I've hit a dumping phase? I can't stop shitting!…

Out of Nowhere... PTSD

So there I was...

at work today having a normal conversation with a coworker while standing in the hydraulics lab. There's quite a bit of white noise in the background with pumps and compressors running, but nothing so loud as to warrant hearing protection (in my opinion of course). The safety guy would tell you otherwise. We were just chatting about a current project, when out of nowhere, BOOM! The sound was loud and deep: the kind you could feel in your chest. I jump, my heart starts pounding and anxiety shoots up.

Just on the other side of the wall someone was loading a dumpster with large pieces of scrap metal and other heavy objects.


There it goes again, even louder now. Once again, I jump, but this time even higher. Now I'm ultra-focused, my heart's pounding harder and I'm keenly aware of my surroundings: tuning everything else out. Hyper vigilance mode has now kicked in. My co-worker says something to the effect that someone must be mad, but I don't real…