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Keep em' Close

This isn't my usual political rant, or memoir of life as a veteran. We've had a bit of a rough spell in the family recently and it really helps to be able to write about it.

This last year my nephew  Evan, at only 14 months old, was diagnosed with both cancer of the brain and kidney. It was horrible news (obviously) and the prognosis wasn't great. Even with the cards stacked against him, we all remained hopeful and optimistic; the family was prepared to do whatever it takes to make him better.

The first step was surgery. They had to get out as much of the tumor as possible and then start pelting the remaining with as much chemo as they could throw at it. It was hard on my brother and sister-in-law seeing their baby boy go through this. Within a week's time both surgery's were completed and were both fairly successful. The kidney cancer was removed entirely, but because of the advanced stage of the brain cancer and it's location, not all of it could be removed. …

What Happened to America?

The thing we hold dear to us most as Americans is the idea of liberty, freedom, and the pursuit of happiness for all. The freedom to do what we please; to be free from religious persecution and not be judged by what we are or what we believe, but by what we do. We are a country that was created on the idea of tolerance and equality.
Let’s not forget that our country was founded by immigrants from all walks of life. People came to this land in droves to escape persecution of all kinds. There were different nationalities, ethnicity's, and religions. It wasn't just Catholics and Protestants seeking freedom, but Jews and Muslims, Buddhists, Sikhs, and Hindu among many others. We wanted to be free from tyranny and oppression. We wanted FREEDOM. Freedom to live our lives and raise our families, all without the fear of being persecuted for something we believe.
Is there any religion the can remain guiltless and say that no one was ever killed or persecuted during its history all in t…

Liberty and the Freedoms of the First Amendment

What is the purpose and intent of our Constitution? Is it to create a rule of law for the people to live under or a means of constraint for government? If you said the latter you are correct. The Constitution was created as means of establishing and as well as constraining the government - NOT THE PEOPLE. 

L-I-B-E-R-T-Y...All through the documents that were created during our nations founding years, this word, liberty, resonates more throughout than any others. 
Now let's think about that word for a minute. Liberty. What does it mean? 
Merriam-Webster defines Liberty as (emphasis is mine):
1. The quality or state of being free: the power to doas one pleasesfreedom from physical restraintfreedom from arbitrary or despotic controlthe positive enjoyment of various social, political, or economic rights and privilegesthe power of choice In other words, LIBERTY is the freedom to do as we please without interference from the government. Period.  
The Declaration of Independence stated (emphasis…