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Holiday or Just Another Reason to Spend Money?

I don't know about you, but as the years go on I feel less and less inclined to celebrate any sort of semi-religious holiday.

We have become so detached from the true meaning of any of the holidays and what they truly represent-Christian holidays especially. Easter, Christmas, St. Valentine's, St. Patrick's: they all have been gutted, OVER-commercialized, and in some cases morphed into some disgusting shell of its former self.

Our children and our culture have been trained not to celebrate these holidays in their true form, but to expect gifts instead.

They kids cry, "Me! Me! ME! Where's mine? Why don't I get any?", when they should be asking, "Who's hurting? Who's in need? Who can I comfort and make smile today?"

What motivated me to write this story was something that happened back in March. A neighbors kid dropped by our house and told my kids that some damn leprechaun and come by in the night and left goodies for Saint Patrick's …

The Fallen - A Memorial Day Poem

Sometimes we forget  why we have this holiday,  One where we remember,  "The Fallen" as they say. 
We might go to a Memorial  to honor them some way,
while others not knowing,  just go on about their day. 
They travel on long weekends enjoy their barbecues and fun,  Forgetting the sacrifices made, someone's daughter, someone's son. 
If you go down to the cemetery,  This hallowed ground looks its best. For a flag, old glory, waves proudly and marks the graves where freedom rests. 
Here a Soldier lies in state,  not the warrior they used to be,  They offered up their lives,  for folks like you and me. 
When no one else would do it  when their country gave the call,  They did just that but more you see,  and while protecting us they fall.
They gladly stood, our great big shield,  defenders till the end,  They would gladly offer up themselves again,  if it meant saving you, my friend. 
That's the kind of people they were selfless from the start,  For, thei…

Memorial Day

Who doesn't love a long Memorial Day weekend? It’s right around the corner and it is sure to be full of barbecue's and mini vacations away from home. Stores and online merchants will all post fantastic deals on spring and summer wares, informally ushering in the joys of having warmer weather coming in the next few months. It's a wonderful time that is all things Americana.
Unfortunately, Memorial Day is not all about sunshine and good times. It is a day that is so much more than that. On this day, we remember who died while in service to our country, and that is all. It is not to be confused with Veterans Day.
While most Veterans do appreciate the 'thank you for your service' sentiment that a lot of us receive on such a somber holiday, it's not what this day is for. It is so much more important than that.
This is a day to honor those, regardless of the politics or popularity of any war, who selflessly donned the military uniform and did what was asked by our cou…

One Team One Fight - How Team Building Can Improve the Bottom Line

One Team, One Fight. This was something that every Soldier is taught regarding his fellow Soldiers (regardless of job, title, or unit type), those from other military branches, and our coalition partners. We would bend over backward to help our brothers and sisters when they ask.

Under the guise of a team concept, companies large and small often rally their employees to a common goal in hopes of a better bottom line. The problem is, there isn't any team building going on.

Instead of being one concerted effort with ideal people in certain positions working together, it's more of a winner takes all approach. This amounts to higher bonuses and pay. This is especially true with companies that have commission based salaries. Everyone's stepping on each other to make themselves look good.

That is not a team. Teams excel when everyone works in a concerted way, pushing towards a common goal without self-interest in mind.

To create a true team atmosphere here are some strategies:


LSU Flag Burning Protest

You all might have recently seen this video that's going viral once again regarding a protest on Louisiana State University four years ago. I had never seen it until now.

Many folks are proud that they stopped a flag burning protest but why? Because they stood up against a few protesters, shouted down the opposition and humiliated those few by throwing things at them and not allowing them to say their piece?

Now before you get bent out of shape, let me get this clear. I do not condone or support the burning of our flag and I think it's utterly disrespectful to desecrate the symbol of the nation that gives you the very freedoms you enjoy. Not to mention the countless number of lives sacrificed to uphold such freedoms. Even though I don't agree with their methods of protest, you know what? I'll support their right to the death to let them do it.

With that said, let me make something else abundantly clear.
AMERICAN PATRIOTS...  For a bunch of so-called American patriots t…