LSU Flag Burning Protest

You all might have recently seen this video that's going viral once again regarding a protest on Louisiana State University four years ago. I had never seen it until now.

Many folks are proud that they stopped a flag burning protest but why? Because they stood up against a few protesters, shouted down the opposition and humiliated those few by throwing things at them and not allowing them to say their piece?

Now before you get bent out of shape, let me get this clear. I do not condone or support the burning of our flag and I think it's utterly disrespectful to desecrate the symbol of the nation that gives you the very freedoms you enjoy. Not to mention the countless number of lives sacrificed to uphold such freedoms. Even though I don't agree with their methods of protest, you know what? I'll support their right to the death to let them do it.

With that said, let me make something else abundantly clear.

AMERICAN PATRIOTS...  For a bunch of so-called American patriots that were protecting our flag; shame on you. You did the most disgusting, vile, and un-American thing and it honestly sickened me to watch. You hypocritically trampled the rights of others while saving the symbol of our freedoms from being trampled and destroyed. You lashed out violently and with complete disregard, over words. I'm so disappointed that so many decided that instead of taking the higher ground, instead sunk to even lower level; metaphorically spitting on the Constitution. If you were there participating in this or you applauded (or are now applauding) their actions, you having nothing to be proud of. In fact, you all should be ASHAMED!

When we created our founding documents and got our independence we consistently demanded one thing: Liberty.

But, what good is liberty if we don't have the tolerance for it?

I am saddened and my heart hurts from watching my countrymen act in this manner and even more so when I see others condone it. We are regressing as a nation and are constantly dividing ourselves on lines that hold no real value. We divisively stand firm on what political party we are a part of, the color of our skin, and by something as trivial as by what name we call our God. We are a nation that cries out for liberty for everyone across the world.

But can we even hold ourselves to our own standard? 

Our government does pretty well (tongue-in-cheek)  with not trampling our rights, but what about us as everyday citizens? Shouldn't we also tolerate and accept different points of view, values, and different ways of expression and hold ourselves to that very same constitutional standard we expect from those that govern?

Just because you have a certain set of values or beliefs, doesn't mean that it's right.

It only means that it's right for YOU.

We are all Americans. Out of many, one. (e pluribus unum). We all come from many backgrounds, religious preferences, and cultures, but we are all Americans.

This is the land of the free and home of the brave, the land of opportunity, where liberty and natural rights for ALL are most sacred to us. RIGHT?

Before we cast stones, remember who and what we are. And more importantly what we are not.

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