The Fallen - A Memorial Day Poem


Sometimes we forget
 why we have this holiday, 
One where we remember,
 "The Fallen" as they say. 

We might go to a Memorial 
to honor them some way,
while others not knowing, 
just go on about their day. 

They travel on long weekends
enjoy their barbecues and fun, 
Forgetting the sacrifices made,
someone's daughter, someone's son. 

If you go down to the cemetery, 
This hallowed ground looks its best.
For a flag, old glory, waves proudly
and marks the graves where freedom rests. 

Here a Soldier lies in state, 
not the warrior they used to be, 
They offered up their lives, 
for folks like you and me. 

When no one else would do it 
when their country gave the call, 
They did just that but more you see, 
and while protecting us they fall.

They gladly stood, our great big shield, 
defenders till the end, 
They would gladly offer up themselves again, 
if it meant saving you, my friend. 

That's the kind of people they were
selfless from the start, 
For, their countries they gave their lives,
They were patriots at heart. 

Their love of country was so immense you see, 
and their sacrifices overlooked
by a country sometimes ungrateful, 
not realizing what it took.

Families and friends now torn apart, 
Great Americans now gone,
They will not be forgotten though, 
their memories live on.

Now today is Memorial Day, 
a day which we can't ignore.
For, we only give this ONE DAY to them, 
and they are deserving of so much more.

By Joseph D. Stone

In memory of all of our fallen brothers and sisters, I miss you each and every day. And thank you for everything you've done for us and what you gave our country. 

I am eternally grateful and look forward to the day we meet again, my friends. 

Until that day comes, Rest Easy. 

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