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Land of the Free? You Decide

America has always's prided itself on being the land of the free. We speak of liberty, truth, and justice. And of being free. Are we free, or is it illusions of grandeur? Do we now prefer safety and security over freedom and liberty?
People started coming to America nearly 400 hundred years ago. Why is that? Well, they were trying to get away from oppressive monarchy's that dictated how they lived, how they worshipped, and in some cases who(m) they worshipped. They were overtaxed and their lives burdened. The dangerous journey to and life in America was difficult and often times deadly. That was of no consequence. They didn't care. They wanted to free of the restraints of tyranny and no risk was too great. They came to America to be FREE.

Unfortunately over the last 100 years, we've managed to screw this up completely, by abusing the freedoms that we enjoy in our constitutional republic by passing excessive, arbitrary laws that make us feel good. We've gone from b…

Supreme Court Makes Historic Ruling In Favor of Same Sex Marraige

What a day for history! This morning the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS), made a landmark ruling in favor Marriage Equality and against states right's for banning same-sex marriage.

This is sure to grace the pages of history books for a long time to come as many millions of people rejoiced to today, but there are quite a few who are furious and not quite for the right reasons.

The biggest and really the only argument against same-sex marriage is the religious one. They say that God says that marriage is between a man and woman. Okay. Well, God (the Bible and many other religious texts) also says a lot of other things we choose to practice or ignore based on preference. This is the reason we have a constitution where the 1st Amendment says that we will make no laws respecting the establishment of religion. 

Is marriage even religious? Some say it is. It can be for sure. But, what religion? Every religion has their own thoughts and beliefs on what a marriage is. What one is…

Veterans and Fireworks - Dealing with it.

We’re coming up on firework season again this year. Whether or not we are going to be allowed to shoot them off this year though will largely depend on the weather and our lack of rain - at least here in Washington State. As a veteran, I love taking my family out to watch and light off fireworks on the 4th because nothing says freedom and fun like colorfully exploding gunpowder. Am I right? Unfortunately, for some of our combat veterans and anyone that may have suffered through similar circumstances, this can be a really tough time. For most folks, these unexpected explosions and noise are nothing more than a minor nuisance - and really that’s all it is. Except that it isn’t – for a lot of us.  
Now I know some of you right now are rolling your eyes and thinking, “Oh jeez, here we go. It’s another veteran crying about fireworks. Just suck it up and move on already.”
Please just hear me out. It’s not necessarily the fireworks on the 4th of July that’s bothersome for most, but the unexp…

Brothers In Arms, Brothers For Life

Some of the closest friends I ever made were during my time in the Army and some of the worst times of my life were in the Army. Sometimes, the two happened simultaneously.

One of those friendships started twelve or thirteen years ago. I met my best friend when he was assigned to my Motor Pool and I was his supervisor. Over the course of the next couple of years, we traveled together, trained together, deployed to Iraq together, roomed together, and sometimes we even prayed together. 
While deployed to Iraq we became really close. It was a really difficult time for a lot of folks, including me. Not just because of the near constant close calls in a combat zone, but because my family life fell apart back at home. I ended up leaning on my best friend. A lot. 
There were many evenings after the work was done for the day, where we would sit on the bench outside our hooch with a couple bottles of St Pauly's NA, smoke cigarettes, and talk late into the night. We chatted about politics, …

Huh? What? I to suffer from CRS

Well shit. I already forgot what I was going to write. 
This seems to have been a real problem since my first tour in Iraq a little more than 10 years ago.