Land of the Free? You Decide

America has always's prided itself on being the land of the free. We speak of liberty, truth, and justice. And of being free. Are we free, or is it illusions of grandeur? Do we now prefer safety and security over freedom and liberty?

People started coming to America nearly 400 hundred years ago. Why is that? Well, they were trying to get away from oppressive monarchy's that dictated how they lived, how they worshipped, and in some cases who(m) they worshipped. They were overtaxed and their lives burdened. The dangerous journey to and life in America was difficult and often times deadly. That was of no consequence. They didn't care. They wanted to free of the restraints of tyranny and no risk was too great. They came to America to be FREE.

Unfortunately over the last 100 years, we've managed to screw this up completely, by abusing the freedoms that we enjoy in our constitutional republic by passing excessive, arbitrary laws that make us feel good. We've gone from being under the control of one big snake that could be manipulated or easily replaced, to a multiheaded monster that nobody can control or manage. Removing the head of one does nothing.

When we must have a permit (permission) from the government to marry - regardless of the sex of either party.  THAT IS NOT FREE.

When we must have a permit (permission) from the government to do something as arbitrary as putting up a fence on your own property, THAT IS NOT FREE.

When we must have a permit (permission) to go hunting or fishing, THAT IS NOT FREE. I quit fishing in my home state of Washington because of the burdensome regulations. Every individual river, creek, lake, and other waterways have their own restrictions as do each individual species and sub-species. I'm sorry, but I don't feel like carrying around my lawyer when I go fishing, along with my license, catch-card that MUST BE turned in at the end of the season, and a Discovery Pass.

When you can't use public land or park without a permit (permission). THAT IS NOT FREE.

When you must have a permit (permission) to operate a lemonade stand or garage sale. THAT IS NOT FREE.

When the government dictates what food is good for you and what you can not put into your own body, THAT IS NOT FREE.

When the government says that you can not cook and feed and the homeless and less fortunate. THAT IS NOT FREE.

When you are told you can not use a natural substance to treat a symptom or condition. THAT IS NOT FREE.

When the govenment says you MUST use a medical doctor and you are required without your permission to be treated for any condition. THAT IS NOT FREE.

When the government says that you MUST purchase healthcare or that only certain types of healthcare are authorized or be fined(taxed), THAT IS DEFINITELY NOT FREE.

When the government says that our teachers have to teach our children using ONLY a specific method and doctrine. THAT IS NOT FREE.

When we must have permission to own a firearm or any other item regardless of its intended purpose, THAT IS NOT FREE.

When you are convicted of a crime and you pay your debt to society, but yet you still have your Constitutional freedoms taken away. THAT IS NOT FREE.

If you are required to inoculate your children or medically treat them in a method, not of your choosing. THAT IS NOT FREE.

I could go on for hours if not days with these examples. If laws, regulations, and rules were meant to keep everyone from harm, we'd live in a very safe world.  Right? Unfortunately, the only ones that follow the rules are the righteous ones. They are the ones that would never intentionally harm another person. They are not the ones we worry about, but having excessive rules and laws only limit the freedoms of good people as they are the only ones that will follow the rules. The only people with true freedom in this country anymore, are the ones who ignore the rule of law entirely. I envy them sometimes as we have become an oppressed people by our own hands.

To live with true freedom and liberty, one must risk losing it all like our founders once did, as our nation of laws dictates we are no longer capable of managing our own lives.

When voting comes around again I beg you, find the candidates who are not afraid of deregulation. Ones that aren't afraid to shake things up. But, most of all find ones that aren't wrapped around their personal ideology and beliefs and only wish to legislate morality. There is no liberty or freedom in that.

Our country needs this if we ever hope to get back on track. 

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