Supreme Court Makes Historic Ruling In Favor of Same Sex Marraige

What a day for history! This morning the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS), made a landmark ruling in favor Marriage Equality and against states right's for banning same-sex marriage.

This is sure to grace the pages of history books for a long time to come as many millions of people rejoiced to today, but there are quite a few who are furious and not quite for the right reasons.

The biggest and really the only argument against same-sex marriage is the religious one. They say that God says that marriage is between a man and woman. Okay. Well, God (the Bible and many other religious texts) also says a lot of other things we choose to practice or ignore based on preference. This is the reason we have a constitution where the 1st Amendment says that we will make no laws respecting the establishment of religion. 

Is marriage even religious? Some say it is. It can be for sure. But, what religion? Every religion has their own thoughts and beliefs on what a marriage is. What one is right though? From a federal law point of view, it should be none of them. 

What is Marriage? When you get down to basics, it is nothing more than two people taking an oath in the witness of others, to love one another, to remain faithful and to always be there for the other person. What is inherently wrong with that? Absolutely nothing would be the correct answer. Straight couples screw this up all the time. Many marry multiple times and for various reasons. Is there a political fervor over that? Do we get all bent out of shape and create crazy laws about adultery or covetous actions that destroy the "sanctity" of marriage? No. 

This SCOTUS ruling doesn't trample the rights of others or their religious freedoms but gives equal rights to those who have been otherwise oppressed on the basis of religion.

Why Is Government Involved in Marriage  in the First Place? I've never understood why I need permission from my government to profess my love for another, or do many other things. Especially since we pride ourselves on being "Free".

Some sects or institutions believe in plural marriages. Crazy right? It's hard enough to fulfill your obligations to one person, let alone two or more? No thanks! This practice of marriage plurality has been outlawed for some time, but why? Ahh yes, the "sanctity" as it pertains to another religion. Should it be illegal if all parties involved are willing participants? Afer all, this is a historically common practice in the Bible and among other texts. Now if they're not all willing participants than that's a completely different story. But still, regardless of personal beliefs why is this illegal? 

These lawmakers put their own faith above all others and by doing so prevent others from exercising their own beliefs. First and foremost, politicians must protect the rights and freedoms of others. It's not a soapbox for them to spout their religious views or try to oppress others based on THEIR beliefs.  Do these folks realize that our government is not a church? 

Your beliefs may be right to you and in your heart, but they aren't right for everyone. For those that are against this particular liberty, why? Is it only your beliefs and liberty that are worth protecting? In the land of the free, why aren't others afforded these same rights? OH, that's right. They interfere with YOUR religious liberty. But, do they really? Do the actions of others prevent you from practicing YOUR religion?

I'm a Christian. ::GASP::  Yes, that's right. But my beliefs are my beliefs, and only my beliefs. I don't expect others to follow that. I don't judge others based on my beliefs. Those beliefs and values are for me and what I use to guide MY life. Each is entitled to their own opinion and own way of thinking. Each is entitled to do as they please as long as it doesn't hurt anyone else. Is that not the very definition of LIBERTY??

I am a staunch constitutionalist and libertarian as well. As such, it is my belief - regardless of my own personal religious views - that my government has no business defining or regulating marriage. In fact, government at any level has no business being involved in the marriage industry or trying to legislate morality based on religious beliefs for that matter. 

For our country to grow, we need to stop worrying about the things that divide us and instead worry about what brings us together. 

America needs stop basing laws and rules on religion and other labels. Any law that put's someone on a pedestal and grants special rights and privileges based skin color, religion, political affiliation or leanings, sex, national origin, or sexual orientation only, is just as segregative as those that do the opposite. 

We as a people and not just government, need to stop using these labels to define other people. Labels only do one thing; segregate and that's it. At some point if we are every able to move on from this, we as a nation will finally and truly be the land of the free. 

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