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Delays in VA Claims Processing

Do you want to know cumbersome and slow the VA is? Here's an interesting tidbit from my own experience recently that you may find interesting.

Back in January I submitted a claim to have my dependents updated. When you do this at your Human Resources department at your civilian employment, something like this can be updated almost instantaneously or could take maybe a day or two at the most. The big powerful VA with the backing of the federal government could surely match this standard, right? Ha! Jokes on us!

It's now July and for over a month the status of my dependency update has been that it's 'pending a decision approval' with an expected completion date of anywhere from July 2015 to November 2015.

C'mon! Really? I didn't claim some new injury or anything. They have all of the supporting documentation and still this agency moves at a snails pace - no offense to the snails out there. This just goes to show you how bad things are and have been at the Dep…