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With Great Risk Comes Great Reward... Sometimes

With great risk comes great reward they say. Sometimes great risk also comes with a setback or two. We haven't had many cards fall our way since selling our stuff and depleting our savings during our move to Texas. In fact, other than the fact that we are living with family rent free (which is a huge blessing and for which we are and always will be extremely thankful for) - not one card has fallen our way since we left Washington. Yet.

When we left, we had a solid offer on our house. The buyers were friends of ours who had a "pre-approved" loan, but subsequently fell through before closing due to unforeseen circumstance, which was no fault of their own. We were understood what happened, but were still disappointed. We were disappointed that our newlywed friends weren't going to be able to buy their first home together. And we were disappointed that we weren't going to be able to use money from the house sale to get ourselves into our own place. I think it's …

Murphy's Law Strikes Again... in Texas.

I recently packed up the family and moved to 2500 miles to Texas for a number of different reasons. One of them being my best friends lives here, and other is that I had got a kick-ass job offer as a Manager Trainee for an Equipment Rental Buisness in Houston. The key word being "had".

I called the owner of the company yesterday to let him know that my house didn't sell right away (and still hasn't) which is what job start was contingent on, so I came down anyways and was ready to start. His reply was that he didn't think I was coming since it was taking so long and he gave the job to someone else. ::GRRRR:: Well, that was fun.

Now I'm in Texas, 2500 miles from home, with my wife and kids, and living in my buddies garage trying to figure out what to do next.

It must be nice to be loaded with money and have absolutely zero integrity or empathy.

If that's what it takes to be successful, I want nothing to do with it.