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When It All Falls Apart

In my last Post, I mentioned that my back (among many things) hurt constantly. Well, my boss noticed that I was miserable and after we had a long talk, came to the conclusion that after 6 months that the job was not a good fit for me. I guess I just wasn't made for 60 hour weeks. He started looking for my replacement and in two weeks my replacement started. Luckily enough I was able to talk my way into staying on for a few extra weeks after that to make sure the hand-off went smoothly and there were no loose ends.

The timing with the job loss was horrible. It came right after we had put an offer in on house a few weeks prior to that and were looking to close in the following weeks. It wasn't just any regular old house either. It was a turn of the century house and required a rehab loan of sorts, so there was an extraordinary amount of hoops we had to jump through. We had nearly made it through the entire process. We were so close.

Instead of playing coy and going through with …