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Travesty of American Justice - FBI Recommends No Indictment of Hillary Clinton

On a quick personal note, before we get started, this last week has me absolutely disgusted at our judicial system (at least at the federal level). And before you jump down my throat and call me some Hillary hating right-wing, gun-toting, conservative Trump supporter, know this: I'm no Trump-humper either, and I voted for Obama - twice - and Bush before him. I'm not chained to any one party and like to keep an open and unbiased mind when it comes to politics; otherwise, we become blinded and disillusioned by party dogma and ideals. Come November, we as American's will have some very important decisions to make. Now let's get into recent events. It is becoming plainly obvious that many are blissfully unaware or just indifferent to the fact that on both sides of the aisle corruption and coercion are big factors in how big government is run. Many just blindly follow their party and support their candidates regardless of any evidence of wrongdoing. As most of you all know,…