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Election 2016 - It's finally over.

What a crazy election!It's been long and grueling process starting with the primaries last year and ending with an incredible upset last night. Who would have thought that Donald Trump, aka Cheeto Jesus, could have pulled off the stunning upset that he did?Almost nobody, apparently - to include me. So congratulations to President-elect, Donald Trump. It was almost comical watching news pundits try to explain what had happened, and how or why the polls were so wrong. The surprise was no different online. There were a variety of emotions displayed by my friends on social media throughout the night and this morning. Many of my friends support Trump, many also supported Clinton, and much like me quite a few others supported 3rd party candidates. Personally, I just couldn't stomach the thought of placing my vote for either Clinton or Trump. Anyways, many of my friends were in shock and disbelief that their candidate didn't fair better. Some were physically upset and extremely a…