Election 2016 - It's finally over.

What a crazy election!

It's been long and grueling process starting with the primaries last year and ending with an incredible upset last night. Who would have thought that Donald Trump, aka Cheeto Jesus, could have pulled off the stunning upset that he did?Almost nobody, apparently - to include me. So congratulations to President-elect, Donald Trump.
It was almost comical watching news pundits try to explain what had happened, and how or why the polls were so wrong. The surprise was no different online. There were a variety of emotions displayed by my friends on social media throughout the night and this morning.
Many of my friends support Trump, many also supported Clinton, and much like me quite a few others supported 3rd party candidates. Personally, I just couldn't stomach the thought of placing my vote for either Clinton or Trump.
Anyways, many of my friends were in shock and disbelief that their candidate didn't fair better. Some were physically upset and extremely angry, some even lashed out at others. There has been no shortage of nasty name calling or placing blame.

Our differences are what make this country great.

Even when we have different ideas of what being great means. Sometimes we find ourselves with the unpopular opinion, which sucks. Does that mean we should change? Not necessarily. Keep an open mind sure, but work to change the hearts and minds of those around you through logic and NOT through ad hominem attacks.
When the results are in and they don't favor your viewpoint, be disappointed sure, but don't be angry because your opinion didn't win the day. It happens. Learn from it and move on.
If you don't like the direction our country is going, do something about it - run for office, petition your grievances with your representatives - do something. To sit around on Facebook or Twitter and be a keyboard warrior, bitching and moaning about how things didn't turn out the way you wanted to, is useless.

The Electoral System's Unfair!

I've been hearing complaints about our election system and our use of an "Electoral College". I hear how it's unfair that a candidate can garnish the national popular vote, but still not get elected. It is a strange system, for sure. And one that is not used by any other democratically run government in the world (to my knowledge).
The idea behind it though is really quite brilliant.
When our republic was created, one of the things that were important was the issue of states rights. We were a loosely controlled federation of states that insisted that the power of the state and that of the people were to recognize to be of the highest priority. Because of this, there is no national voting system. Each state holds and runs their own elections.
This somewhat decentralized process allows individual states to maintain control over their own election process, and as a state, nominate or elect a candidate that best reflects the will of the people for that state.
As a person who has traveled to nearly all 50 states, each state has a culture and a way of thinking that's all it's own. Each one is inherently different. Those in the state of Texas have a vastly different culture and way of thinking than those in my home state of Washington. Do I think that because Texans hold different values makes them inferior or wrong? Absolutely not. I appreciate that our country can be so diverse in its values and cultures.
The electoral college allows us to keep our individual subcultures and values. It keeps us free from mob rule and gives a nod to vast differences that each state and region has. There's a certain wisdom in that. A wisdom even I can certainly appreciate, even though it rarely works in my favor.

What does the future Trump Presidency bring?

For those that fear the Trump presidency, don't. He is but one man. One spray tanned, orange man that will be heavily constrained by our Constitution. So, whether you support Trump or not, all we can do now is move forward... Suck it up, buttercup, the election is over.
For the sake of our country, we need to give Trump the benefit of the doubt and support him until he has given us a reason otherwise. Let's continue to work together to make the changes that our great nation deserves.
Let's support one another and nominate future candidates that have a record of honor, selflessness, morals, intestinal fortitude, values that we admire, and that are free from scandal.

Oh, and America is great. I don't care what Trump says.

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