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So much going on these days....

Hey, all.

I haven't posted much - not that I ever do. In fact, I have so much going on with finals right now, I shouldn't even be spending time writing this. But, that's just the way I am.  I've been going to school full-time for the last year and it's been a real doozy. I haven't worked in almost a year, which is really strange. But, it's allowed me to focus on my studies and spend more time with my family.

I had to change schools halfway through the year - which sucked - because the first school I picked lost its accrediting agency. I shopped around at local schools and applied at a few and got accepted to Washington State University. Unfortunately, it didn't feel like the right place for me. So yeah, after some soul searching I trying to figure out which school to go to I decided to pursue my first love - communication and the arts.

That brought me to checking out and eventually enrolling in the Bachelor of Arts in Communications and Media Technology…