So much going on these days....

Hey, all.

I haven't posted much - not that I ever do. In fact, I have so much going on with finals right now, I shouldn't even be spending time writing this. But, that's just the way I am.  I've been going to school full-time for the last year and it's been a real doozy. I haven't worked in almost a year, which is really strange. But, it's allowed me to focus on my studies and spend more time with my family.

I had to change schools halfway through the year - which sucked - because the first school I picked lost its accrediting agency. I shopped around at local schools and applied at a few and got accepted to Washington State University. Unfortunately, it didn't feel like the right place for me. So yeah, after some soul searching I trying to figure out which school to go to I decided to pursue my first love - communication and the arts.

That brought me to checking out and eventually enrolling in the Bachelor of Arts in Communications and Media Technology with Academy of Art University. They're based out of San Francisco and I do all of my coursework online. For some reason, I much prefer independent study over a classroom.

The coursework forced me into buying my first Mac computer. Now that I've gotten used to it, I love it. In fact, I liked it so much when I upgraded my phone I went for the iPhone7.

Yeah, I know. I have been a die-hard Android fan for years too. The are some things I dislike about the iPhone and miss about Android but this thing works not just great, but SEAMLESSLY with my computer. Text message and phone calls can be made through the computer, drag and (air)drop files back and forth, look at a website on one - and then pick it up on the other - just amazing. And it works every single time - no glitches - unlike the third party software I tried to use to mate my Mac or Windows laptop up with Galaxy S6.


The semester is getting ready to come to a close and I feel like I just barely skimming the surface of what I want to learn. I've taken a class in both radio/podcasting and visual storytelling (and a couple others) and I absolutely loved doing both of them. I preferred the visual storytelling class a little more because well, it's visual.

I've been working a lot in Adobe Premiere for video editing and Adobe Audition for sound work. I started dabbling in AfterEffecdts and Photoshop as well since I had access to the programs.

I've been doing some other writing too and getting published, which is a huge plus. Haven't been getting paid for any of it though.

I'm working on some freelance stuff on the side too, exploring my new skills in video and audio editing.

OH! I built myself a website to highlight all of my hobby's and talents.

So yeah, that's that. Check it out. I have examples of all my latest work on there with links to other things as well.

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