The Search for Enchantment: Part Three (Dreams)

Screen shot from the movie, What Dreams May Come (1998). 

What Dreams May Come

After an evening of intense writing and playing guitar (and singing) that followed a meditation session in the park earlier that afternoon, I fell asleep as soon as my head touched my pillow. And I slept great. 

The dreams were so intense. I rarely recall a dream. At most, maybe a snippet for a brief second - but one in its entirety? Never. 

It was so vivid, I had to write it down as soon as I woke up. It wasn't just vivid but incredibly strange. Check it out. 

Into another realm.

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I was in a large room – a bunk room, I think. I heard something a few bunks over from where I sat, and as I looked up, I realized that there was a massive Black Bear there with his back turned. Luckily, he was preoccupied with something, for the moment. It was huge and probably would have stood close to fifteen feet tall on its hind legs. A magnificent beast. It didn’t take long for him to notice me, and I turned and bolted for the door but he followed.

With the bear in pursuit, I went through a series of doors and rooms, and sometimes he got close. Eventually, after I could get a few doors closed between us, I put enough distance between us and escaped.

The room I ended up in was like the front room of cabin with a large picture window in it. It was a beautiful place. My wife was there and we began to speak and debate about something.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw something move outside beyond the big picture window, so I moved in closer to investigate.

There were two spotted leopards playing around in the front of the porch. But one was slightly different. Instead of having a normal long tail that stood up, it was more like a horse’s tail. Not hair, but more like tentacles (maybe dreadlocks?) that were each brightly colored giving it an overall rainbow effect. The normal looking leopard saw me, turned and jumped over the old-timey zig-zag piled up beam, pioneer style fence. The other leopard quickly followed.

I stepped out on to the porch to see where they went and some 100 feet or so to the right were three large Grizzly bears walking towards me. Another couple hundred feet behind them, a group of reindeer by a tree. Strange I thought and went back inside.

I left the cabin-like room and meandered through the building. There were a series of hallways and doors, like a large school or office building. I found a café and thought it would be good to get food.

The Diner

50's themed diner located in Norway.
Photo Courtesy of Groovy Diner located in Norway.
The cafe had 50's style motif. Lots of chrome and bold colors. My bowl that I had brought with me (not sure where it came from) was already full though. It had what may have been cubed chunks of light green fruit or vegetables. I'm not sure. Maybe it was a dirty dish. I don’t know.

I scraped it out in the garbage and stood in line.

It was a short-order line with what seemed to be made-to-order omelets being cooked at it. Except that it wasn’t. When I got to the front, the cook, who didn’t ask me what I wanted, opened a heated stainless steel drawer in front of him that sat on the counter. And with expert precision, plucked a plain cheese omelet up from the inside and dropped it in my bowl. Oh.

I meandered over to some tables and found a two seater against the wall that looked good. I sat down and began to eat, and within moments felt like something was out of place. It was me. I glanced around and noticed on the chair across from me had a black jacket was draped across its back. I don’t think it was there before. As I scanned the room, I quickly locked eyes with a guy a few tables over who was turned towards my direction, away from the table he was sitting at. It was a look of irritation or anger. Not a word was spoken. I sensed it was their table that I was sitting at. Of course, they didn’t say this to me – I could feel it in his eyes. I apologized, stood up, and went in search of another table.

I came across a larger table, and an old friend was there. Someone I knew in the Army. A red-head guy named Smith, I think. There was a girl with him and they were laughing and planning something. There was stuff all over their table – like poster boards and markers. I don’t think I stayed long and went to leave. Not sure if I ever finished my food. 

As I made my way through an adjoining wood-paneled room, there was a TV mounted on the wall with some news playing. It had the feeling of a cocktail lounge. Dark carpet, dim lights, equally dark furniture. The few people that were there, were enthralled with what they were seeing on the TV. I sensed that something bad had happened but didn’t pay them any mind and continued walking towards the door at the other end of the room.

It was a sliding glass security door. There was a red button off to the side and I quickly tapped it and the door opened. As I saw a RFID chip reader on the other side of the door, it occurred to me that maybe the button I pushed opened ALL doors and shut down security. Maybe I was supposed to use that RFID card reader. I was immediately filled with dread and left quickly before someone figured out it was me.

The halls were long and open. Every so often, there seemed to be a bulkhead like protrusion from the wall. As if at a moments notice, sections of the hallway could be sealed off. I walked through with urgency, began searching the building for something or someone or maybe I was trying to evade something. 

I entered another corridor and there were people there. I sensed something was wrong so I stepped into a stairwell where someone I apparently knew, grabbed me as stepped on the first stairwell landing.

“I know where the missing baby is,” he hissed as he glanced side to side.

Quizzically, I looked at him.  

He continued, “You know. The one that’s been missing for three months!”

“Do you know where?”, I asked not really knowing what he was talking about. 

In desperation, he said, “the baby is in THIS building.”

Looking around trying to make sense of what I was hearing and not immediately seeing anything, I had a brief vision that I needed to go into the ventilation system.   

“Okay, I’ll try to find her,” I said quietly as I moved passed him.

I climbed into an air duct at the top of the stairs and went searching down its many passages. When I heard noises ahead, I knew I must be in the right place. There were people talking but I couldn’t make out what they were saying. 

I peered the ventilation louvers into a room full of office cubicles. 

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Without being noticed, I managed to remove the cover crawl through, creeping closer to who was having the conversation.

I noticed there were others around me cowering in dark corners, hiding under furniture. Some were even raggedy looking kids.

I peeked around a corner just in time to see a neatly stacked pile of clean, decapitated feet being picked up by a worker and stuffed into a box. There was a man standing over him that was clad all in black from head to toe and you couldn’t even see his face. It was obscured by a black mask or veil.

“Those, are for the dead,” he explained. “They will go to the zombies who are starting to fall apart.”

The box they were placed into was a little too small, so the worker pushed down hard to get them to fit right.

It was a revolting sight. I must have made a sound in disgust because someone noticed me.

I scrambled backward and the man in black pursued me. The others in the room that were hiding looked at me sorrowfully. Like they wanted to help but they were powerless against the man in black.

There had to be an exit. I found a door that led to another small room but there was no way out from there either.  He was getting closer, so I slipped back into the main room and looked for a place to hide just like all the others.

He was going to find me. 

Instead, he didn't. I woke up trying figure out what it all meant. 

What's the meaning?

I wish I knew. But, I'm pretty sure it's all tied into my experience at the park yesterday. I will have to try that kind of meditation again soon.

My guess is that by taking the time to detach from the standard linear thought and unfocus it allowed my conscious and subconscious to mingle. I have no idea. I'm not Carl Jung or Joseph Campbell.

I'm not on drugs either.

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