The Search for Enchantment: Part Two (Music)

The author, Joe Stone, sits on a lawn chair strumming his guitar.
Joe Stone playing guitar (2010).

Music is the Language of the Soul

One of my favorite hobbies is playing guitar and singing. I've been playing for over twenty years and I've become good at it, but not great. Nothing I'd ever pursue professionally anyways. It's just something I do for my own well being.

That evening after I pumped out an essay twice the length that was required about my enchantment experience in the park earlier that day, I pulled out my guitar and began to pick away at the strings. I was still feeling somewhat euphoric. It hadn't quite worn off yet. 

I plucked away at a succession of minor chords and had a great little rhythm going. It sounded pretty good. I kept at it for a little while but I needed to sing too. 

I opened up my internet browser on my computer in front of and looked for some guitar tablature that fit the moment. I don't recall what I had picked but I played it. And well. 

I went for the next song with the same result. Everything seemed seemed easier. 

When playing guitar and singing, there's this duality that you battle with. Trying to keep things in tune and on pitch, in rhythm and in sequence, was always a struggle for me. I would tend to keep the beat to my own internal metronome. Not today. 

Everything was perfect. Everything synced. My voice hit notes that I usually struggle with, and hit them with confidence. Songs that I normally struggled with became easy. 

As I continued to play, I became more confident. It was warm that night and the windows were open and the neighbors milled about in their yards. Cars drove by fifteen feet from my window. I didn't care. This was awesome. 

And I'm assuming that everyone nearby who heard it thought that it sounded okay because the police never showed up. 

Anyways, I played until my hands hurt and could no longer take it. I still didn't want it to end. What was different about this night from the others though? I couldn't figure it out. I wasn't drinking and I wasn't on drugs either. 

Maybe it was from my meditation experience. 

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